Vail Daily letter: Ode to Paddy’s |

Vail Daily letter: Ode to Paddy’s

Robb and Susan Swimm
Vail, CO, Colorado

Since it is time to be thankful, I’ll do that instead of being angry and sad.

The memories should be full of laughter, smiles and good times gone by.

The bar and restaurant may have been forced to shut the doors, but the people are still around and the true spirit of Paddy’s lives on in the recollection of stories. Some of the tales go back 30 years.

Not many places in this valley had the stubborn staying power of the real locals’ watering hole named for an Irish madman.

When we came upon old Paddy, he was already kind of dead on the table. We gave the old ugly bastard a fresh kiss of life and he popped up and did his best jig for quite a little bit, and we all must give thanks for that.

It’s hard to forget all the chuckling faces and the comedy was sharper than any Hollywood sitcom.

A place where people spoke their minds and said their piece. The truth danced with the bull. Fun to watch.

My eyes start to fill as I think of all the pints that won’t be full and shots undone.

No more children sprinting on floors slippery with ale to waste quarters for a bouncy prize after swindling Mom’s last dollar bill.

You can almost smell the steam rising from piles of hotwings making you squint as the spice hits the nose. No more. Football Sunday and Monday night … Now I might get choked up. Super Bowl?

Hear the acoustic guitar tune up before the band starts up. DJ Dubstep to reggae and karaoke have all gone quiet now. Where the hell will we go on St. Paddy’s Day?

There was a special kind of comfortable dirty magic to the space when we all were in there. Now it sits a vacant shell of what it was — just a pub or an old friend?

So, on this thanking day, I say let’s raise our glasses and count your blessings, and when you do, be thankful that you were part of it and Paddy’s part of you.

No longer can we grin and say, “This place sucks … let’s stay!” Farewell, dear old Paddy, you had your day and a few choice nights as well.

May the road rise to meet you and a frosty pint greet you. Please quit the weeping and the tears, top up your wine and finish your beers.

Thank you to all who made Paddy’s such an extra special place and helped keep the pub alive for as long as we did! The magic can’t be replicated in another place or time, so we are glad we got to be there with you all.

The people made Paddy’s and may Paddy’s rest in peace.


Robb and Susan Swimm

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