Vail Daily letter: Of course it’s about morality |

Vail Daily letter: Of course it’s about morality

Jim Risser
Vail, CO, Colorado

The recent letter to the editor entitled “It’s not about morals” is convoluted nonsense. Of course it’s about morals.

It’s about those with one moral or religious code attempting to force others, with a different code, to live according to their world view.

More importantly, however, it’s about disease prevention and unwanted babies. Too frequently, unwanted babies are born into a disinterested or dysfunctional family and a life of poverty. This often produces unhealthy, undereducated children with no constructive future as an adult.

The resulting burden on American society is a national tragedy. Those who oppose birth control should adopt, or financially support, an unwanted child — otherwise butt out! Meanwhile, our government is compelled to butt in.

Jim Risser

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