Vail Daily letter: ‘Official’ name’s Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Official’ name’s Eagle

David Dillon
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have to agree with those who have written to object to the use of “Vail Valley.” It does seem to me that this area caters way too much to Vail, Vail Resorts and to the ski culture.

Yes, Vail provides a lot of business to the valley, but it is also what drives prices and housing up to ridiculous levels. I am not a fan. I greatly dislike the plastic quality of the town, the overpriced everything there and the uppity, superior attitudes.

I live in the valley despite Vail, not because of it. And I do not ski and couldn’t give a steaming crap about the ski culture.

So, when I see everything being Vail this and Vail that and ski this and ski that, it frankly offends me.

And with all due respect to the Daily, I don’t think the ability to find things in search engines is a legitimate reason to rename a region without it being mandated by legislation. Every one of your stories could be found in a search engine if you added some porn to the headlines, too, but you wouldn’t do that.

Until such time as the Eagle Valley has officially been renamed (an effort I would fight tooth and nail against), it should be referred to by its proper moniker.

David Dillon

Eagle (Valley)

Editor’s note: There is no Silicon River in Silicon Valley or big deposits of the precious metal along the Gold Coast, although Upstate New York is indeed “up” from New York City, there are redwoods in Redwood Country and no doubt plenty of pests along the Mosquito Coast. Alas, none of those regions and many more are known by the names of the rivers running through them. Besides, Vail Valley predates the World Wide Web and search engines, and Eagle would be Silt without Vail.

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