Vail Daily letter: Oh, brother |

Vail Daily letter: Oh, brother

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

Kris Sampson, why don’t you add something of value in your letter to the editor? Eric Larson could not have said it any better: Nothing the government runs functions. The Postal Service is an excellent example. (I have to exclude the Vail Post Office as I have always received great service.) Also, they cannot run Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and a whole lot of other agencies and departments.

In regards to health care, Dr. Michael Schneider has been naming this correctly: Not a good health-care reform for anybody except maybe for people who would rather get a new car or other toys before they are responsible enough to insure themselves and their families.

What Kris Sampson calls scary lies is unfortunately reality.

Annemarie Rudolf, Los Angeles

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