Vail Daily letter: Oh, he’ll get credit |

Vail Daily letter: Oh, he’ll get credit

William Pintzow
Vail, CO, Colorado

Mr. Mazzuca wasted his entire commentary Tuesday worrying that President Bush wasn’t going to receive proper credit for the surge in Iraq.

I can assure him that Bush will receive full and proper credit for being the president that pushed this nation into an unnecessary, dumb and bloody war.

It killed 4,400 Americans, wounded 30,000, killed about 200,000 Iraqis, diverted us from Afghanistan and drained our country of $3 trillion, counting the health care our veterans are going to need for the next 50 years.

He gets full credit for lying to us about weapons of mass destruction, lying to us that Hussein was allied with al-Qaida, lying to us that Hussein was trying to buy uranium and feeding us a continual diet of bull to try to get us behind his war.

Bush also gets credit for two disastrous decisions that adversely affected the war.

First, we had plans to turn over the Iraqi army to our side as their generals had agreed. This would have prevented the looting and insurgency uprising. Instead, we disbanded their army and sent them home, creating 500,000 instant enemies with guns and no jobs. What a brilliant move that was.

Then we also forced all the Sunnis to leave their jobs, which included many teachers and engineers.

Bush may not have made all these decisions himself, but he was the boss and, therefore, responsible for them. That’s what happens when you elect a good ol’boy with a marginal intellect to be president.

So, don’t worry about Bush, Mr. Mazzuca, as he will always get the credit for creating the worst foreign-policy disaster in American history.

William Pintzow


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