Vail Daily letter: Oh, it’s all over |

Vail Daily letter: Oh, it’s all over

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Based upon the pretext that global warming will kill us all if the U.S. does not reduce its carbon emission, Mr. Obama plans on signing a global treaty at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen come this December.

Mr. Obama, as representative of the global community, will sign this treaty without first complying with the constitutional prerequisite of securing the consent of Congress, he being a United Nation’s adherent (rather than a United States representative) believes that the U.N. charter and the interests of Third World countries trump the covenants of the U.S. Constitution and the interests of American citizens, notwithstanding the oath of office he took last January to the contrary. But this is in keeping with his summary appointment of new cabinet members without the constitutional vetting required of Congress.

Under the present regime in Washington, the United States is rapidly losing its sovereignty as constitutionally defined, what with Mr. Obama’s bent and goals to work his agenda and will upon what once was a free people as envisioned by the founding fathers and a few modern day historians.

Consider other Obama projects in the making, and soon to be implemented:

n The Law of the Sea Treaty where the U.S. is called upon to relinquish its independence in international waters, and the integrity of its own coastal areas. The U.S. Coast Guard will be relegated to picking up debris and trash on the beaches.

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n The submission of U.S. jurisprudence and jurisdiction to the tribunals of the U.N. and the International Court at the Hague, notwithstanding the proscriptions set forth in the Constitution.

n The so called “cap and trade” legislation that imposes a tax and/or surcharge on U.S. manufacturing and fuel production, all under the guise of the so called global warming theory espoused by capitalists such as Al Gore, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman et al, “scientists” one and all.

n The now infamous TARP legislation, that unknown, unaccounted and unread law that spread the wealth to the connected few, known only to the Federal Reserve. A portion of these funds were diverted to General Motors Corp via executive order in contravention of Article II of the Constitution that empowers the legislature with that authority.

n The Obama’s blatant violation or ignorance of federal bankruptcy laws in the reorganization and nationalization of GM by relegating secured creditors (bond holders) to inferior claims to the benefit of Obama supporters (the Unions); the discriminate diversion of taxpayer monies to the benefit of a few connected and favorite governmental cronies such as Goldman Sachs, AIG, Fannie and Freddie, etc., in contravention of the Fourth Amendment, “equal protection” and commerce clauses under the Constitution. These are to name a few, but by and through the “slight of hand” of aggregation, obfuscation and attrition, the sovereignty and union of the states and the American people will disappear into the dawn of a new and politically correct age.

The American republic was a grand experiment in governance by individuals in concert as a free people in general. It established an economic environment that recognized and utilized the true nature of man, the work ethic. It fomented a nation that became a global beacon for those who also would be free and prosperous were they to avail themselves of the benefits of its charter, the Constitution of the United States. It will be a good read in a new age history tome for our children who will suffer from the social reforms wrought by a few. And they, our children, will pay the freight for the debt they inherit to acquire the newfound serfdom under the charter of the United Nations or other treaties struck by Mr. Obama.

Our children and grandchildren will cease to be the “Americans” the world once knew and respected.

Fredric Butler

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