Vail Daily letter: Oh, please |

Vail Daily letter: Oh, please

Jason Lundin
Vail, CO, Colorado

Dick Gustafson appears to be a dedicated conspiracy buff. Inventing and shedding light upon the coverups and conspiracies befalling the elephant’s great Aryan race. The culprit is always those baneful donkeys.

I try to ignore and turn past these fables. But the fabricated evidence surrounding the connivance of the day is simply too laughable to go ignored.

Despite knowing the dreadful argument about to invade my left hemisphere, I foolishly pause and indulge. Deja vu sets in upon completion, as again I am left wanting.

This conspiracy, just as the last, cannot be authenticated. So now I ask of Mr. Gustafson, humor me. Take my Great Dane and solve these much more important conspiracies and coverups.

Who killed Cobain, Hoffa, Monroe and JonBenet? Who really kidnapped the Lindbergh baby? What built the pyramids? How did George W. get away with orchestrating 9/11? Who are all the living members of the Illuminati? Where are Elvis, Tupac and D.B. Cooper living today? Who was the shooter on the grassy knoll? The world must know.

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Jason Lundin


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