Vail Daily letter: Oh, please! |

Vail Daily letter: Oh, please!

Lisa Elias ZimmermannVail, CO,

I beg to challenge Mr. Katz on his rah, rah, kumbaya article concerning the new health care bill. Mr. Katz states that “without seasonal employees our communities would literally not work?” Yes, Mr. Katz the same CEO who when he came into his position with VR immediately uprooted all full-time employees to another county and made those persons make a momentous decision on behalf of their families, do they stay or do they go! Yes, Mr. Katz the largest employer of Eagle County and Summit County whose firing policy affects an individual in all entities of your corporation in two counties. (For all you who don’t know the great fire and hire at will law of the state of Colorado, an employer can fire you for the most hideous of scenarios and with bad managers, management, and an inept human resources office, you have no recourse other than to hire a lawyer. But if you had that kind of money, why would you be working for minimum wage and a ski pass?) Yes, Mr. Katz, the same company that charges outrageous rental fees for the most repugnant living conditions in the valley. The average seasonal employee wage is about 25 to 50 cents above minimum wage plus your ski pass. Housing is provided at one of their luxury apartments at market price for $650 per room plus utilities. Yes, Mr. Katz continues to hire visa workers with a nationwide unemployment rate of 9.7 percent. (We know the international ski instructor is justified.) Yes, Mr. Katz, the same company that makes your parking problems the town’s parking problems with no compensation to the town. Yes, Mr. Katz, the same company that builds on every square inch of open space for their base mountain prime real estate, disregarding the mountain views for the normal public. Yes, Mr. Katz, please spare me the gooey, drippy, phony compassion you are trying to convey over health care. As I read between the lines of your article, I am assuming in 2014 that the majority of your seasonal help in all your resorts will be of the age of 26 and under, as your company will avoid at all costs in providing health insurance for part time seasonal help. I would assume you will have major discrimination lawsuits or you will have sold VR and gotten out of the ski business before it all comes down. We know VR pays lobbyists in Washington, D.C., to look after your interests. We were all scratching our heads trying to figure out why the age 26 was the magic age and what makes it different from the ages 19, 21, 22, etc., and it has now come to light.If AT&T, Caterpillar, Verizon, Wal-Mart, etc., have crunched the numbers on the effect that this insane socialist bill will have on their companies, it behooves me why Mr. Katz is giving the rah, rah, kumbaya speech. He states, he “does not know how the new health care laws will be implemented as it remains unknown and suggests we work with our senators and representatives.” No Mr. Katz, what we do is we turn our county, state, Congress, and our 2012 president back to red and not fund this insane socialist bill and repeal it! Everyone believes health care needs to be reformed, but health care is not an entitlement. So, please Mr. Katz, again spare me the rah, rah, kumbaya speech!Lisa Elias Zimmermann

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