Vail Daily letter: OK, that’s it |

Vail Daily letter: OK, that’s it

Kirk Aker
Vail, CO, Colorado

I walk through the Highway 6-Edwards Spur Road intersection just about every day. This has to be among the most unfriendly pedestrian crossing in the valley. The intersection itself is not to blame. There are well marked crosswalks, Walk-Don’t Walk digital signage to assist those who were never taught how to cross at an intersection, and signage stating “No Right Turn on Red if Pedestrians Present.” All the basics for pedestrian safety are well covered.

The problem is the drivers. Seven to eight out of 10 times that I pass through that intersection, a driver will either not respect the “No Right Turn on Red if Pedestrians Present,” cut the pedestrian off while in the crosswalk, or get pissed off and cut in hard behind the pedestrian.

My foray into the danger zone Monday around 12:30 p.m. finally prompted me to write this letter. While waiting to cross in the pedestrian walkway after pushing the walk button a pickup came up to the intersection, wanting to turn right on red. He looked at me, then turned his head to see if it was clear to turn right on red. While he was looking in the opposite direction of me, the light turned for me to cross.

I causally began to enter the cross walk. Right on cue, the lumber truck turns in front of me because he was paying more attention to his right turn on red issues. After giving the driver the stink eye, I continued to walk.

Getting about halfway across the street, I am suddenly cut off by, get this, none other than an Eagle County sheriff’s deputy! OK, No. 1, the deputy most certainly saw the lumber truck cut me off. No. 2, don’t sheriff’s deputies have to obey our traffic laws, as well, right? And No. 3, after cutting me off, he just kept on trucking. I was wondering why didn’t he turn around, stop the lumber truck and at the very least ask the driver what part of “No Right Turn on Red if Pedestrians Present” he didn’t understand. Such is life in the danger zone of Edwards.

So as not to get the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office mad at me for slamming their driving habits, I have to admit that the deputy at the time he cut me off was distracted.

He was on his cell phone!

Kirk Aker


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