Vail Daily letter: OK then, I’m a hater … |

Vail Daily letter: OK then, I’m a hater …

Michael Cacioppo
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am responding to Richard Carnes recent column titled “Haters still be hatin!” The title to this letter to the Vail Daily should be, “This so-called hater does indeed hate socialism!”

Richard, I respectfully disagree with many points in your column regarding recently laid-off employees. Let me give you a local example:

• A long-time Eagle County business told me last week that if they have to provide their 30 employees with Obamacare on Jan. 1, they will have to shut down. The owner of the business said they hadn’t taken a check for themselves for a couple of years and enough is enough!

The owner of the business is a Democrat and was going to vote for Obama anyway, not understanding until I told them that a vote for Obama was a vote to move forward to shut down their business. I told them that Mitt Romney had said that he would end Obamacare if elected, but I told them that I don’t believe anything Mitt Romney says, but that was their only hope.

Other examples:

• The 3.8 percent tax supposedly goes in on the profit of real estate sales. Ugh. What happened to the promise that taxes would only go up on people who earned $250,000 or more, which in my opinion violates that pesky 14th Amendment of equal protection (except that some people are more equal than others)?

• Small construction companies that have over five employees (I suspect Eagle County had several of these types: plumbers, framers, etc.) will probably lay off employee number six, seven and eight to get at or below the four- or fve-person threshold requirement in the ridiculous 2,000-plus page so-called health care law (how absurd having a law that size that nobody wants to read, which was exactly the point). Those will be real job cuts!

• The stock market, by any reasonable logic, should be falling like a rock. Yes, I understand that normal logic no longer prevails in our world, so it may or may not happen.

What is happening is that logically thinking conservatives like myself understand that, logically, the market should drop like a rock. With the Bush tax cuts ending and increased taxes on stock market investment going into effect (so Romney would have to pay more than his 14 percent on income taxes), many of us have or will pull out of the market because we no longer see the market as a reasonable investment risk. I pulled out several months ago after researching this new law.

Richard, these ridiculous new laws are real, and most of the liberal construction company owners who work hard and party hardy have failed to fight towns and county governments’ increased requirements, and have failed to learn what Obamacare really means to them, might understand it now! They will be paying much more to try to stay in business during tough economic times. I believe many more jobs will be lost!

The policy wonks in their ivory towers will continue to think up all these tax schemes (because that’s what they do!) and the ignorant worker bees will continue to learn about all this the hard way, because that’s what they do!

Meanwhile, the depression for many will continue on the very people who ignorantly voted for Obama’s socialist agenda. He wasn’t the most leftwing U.S. senator by voting record for nothing!

Many of our citizens who refuse to learn, who don’t want to be bothered, and who think “Obama money” will save their shorts deserve a lifetime of the pain that has endured and will continue to endure until the public schools and universities teach that debt at any level makes the borrower the lender’s slave (oh, that pesky Biblical phrase), often for life.

Michael Cacioppo


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