Vail Daily letter: One great country |

Vail Daily letter: One great country

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

Right now, I’m not sure that all of you will agree, but whether you do or not, I think that this is one great country! And “why” becomes very clear if we’ll just think about modern history. My own memories begin with the Depression in the 1930s and an unemployment rate of 25 percent.

Then a government that authorized the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Project Administration to employ millions of people building our infrastructure while receiving little more than food and shelter.

After that, 10 million of us served in the military, and we clearly were part of winning a difficult war. And while that was going on, 7 million women left home to work in factories, helping produce hundreds of thousands of airplanes and tanks and trucks and ships.

Through it all, we quietly accepted very stringent rationing of gasoline and tires and a great many other essentials.

Then, when the war was over, we helped to rebuild the economies of Germany and Japan as well as those of our allies.

We started Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid so that our elderly and our physically disadvantaged could live out their lives in


We enacted legislation to assure both women and our minorities of equal rights.

Because of those things, we damned well earned the right to be recognized as one great country. We seldom waved guns around, and we didn’t thoughtlessly insult our political representatives and stupidly express hatred for our president and disdain for our government.

Let’s try to remember that our fellow citizens were properly elected to their positions. With rare exceptions, they are bright, dedicated and courageous. Furthermore, they deserve our gratitude for trying their best to create jobs, provide help for the least fortunate and solve a monstrous number of very difficult problems.

David Le Vine

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