Vail Daily letter: One huge difference |

Vail Daily letter: One huge difference

David Le Vine
Vail, CO Colorado

It strikes me that right now there is one huge difference between the Democratic and the Republican parties. Whether you agree with their policies or not, the Democrats are desperately trying to do what’s in the best interests of our country while the Republicans are trying to position themselves to win future elections. One party is putting America first and the other is putting their party first. And I think that the G.O.P. should be ashamed, and we the people ought to be appalled and reject them.

These are difficult times for our nation: Ending the wars and ending the deaths has to be balanced against the possibility of resurgent terrorist movements. Suggesting that the government must now create jobs comes close to being ridiculous when our free enterprise system basically gives that responsibility to business, industry, and commerce. Exercising more controls over banks and insurance companies are controversial issues, and responsible legislation is made much more difficult by the zillions of corporate lobbyists working to make sure that nothing at all happens. And to put it bluntly, our education system is not succeeding very well – mediocre test scores, the high rate of drop-outs, and the need for remedial courses all offer testimony to that fact. Unfortunately, these few issues are not nearly all that we face.

And here we are with a large group of Republican congressmen and women (drawing full pay) who are willing to let two or four or eight years go by while they position themselves to take control of the government. Talk about putting selfish interests first!

David Le Vine

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