Vail Daily letter: Only Ron Paul can save us |

Vail Daily letter: Only Ron Paul can save us

Fredric Butler
Vail, CO, Colorado

The present regime that occupies Washington has effectively destroyed the republic as a result of the numerous executive orders spewing from the White House and its many imperial agencies.

By his failure to veto egregious and unconstitutional legislation issued by his handmaiden (the Congress), Obama has underpinned the constitutional foundation of the rule of law. Let me count the ways and name just a few:

1. His extension of the Patriot Act from the Bush era has expunged the doctrines of habeas corpus and provided for warrantless searches, seizures and arrests in contravention of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. Wiretapping and forced entry have whole new meanings when “terror” defines those terms.

2. The National Defense Authorization Act now has suspended the right to even be informed of a criminal charge, let alone a right to an attorney, trial and conviction. The commander-in-chief and his Praetorian Guard (regular military) can simply arrest or kill an American citizen as a result of an executive, unilateral and furtive determination that one is either a terrorist or somehow associated with one – all in contravention of the mandates set forth in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments.

3. Every American citizen is now compelled to purchase a product (health insurance) whether he desires to, needs it or can afford it -all of this being buried somewhere within the viscera of the Health Care Reform Act of 2010, thereby negating the intendment of the Fifth Amendment relating to liberty (the antithesis of coercion).

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4. The executive order of late requiring Christian denominations to provide contraceptives to their employees, notwithstanding that the biblical proscriptions against such acts are a contradiction of the provisions of the First Amendment that condemn such infringements.

5. Congress and the executive exempt themselves from the provisions of Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare, thereby violating the strictures of the Fifth and 14th Amendments relating to equal protection under the laws.

The very spirit and intendment of the Constitution itself was to prohibit the establishment of an aristocracy that is beyond the purview or jurisdiction of the common law and law applicable to the common citizen.

6. Obama’s intrusion, favoritism and rampant discrimination in the market-place – e.g., GM and Chrysler – together with his violation of the bankruptcy laws emanating from Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, is evidence of the detriment and confiscation of the financial interests of company bond holders to the crony benefit of the UAW – all in violation of the Fifth and 14th Amendments.

To the point: There is only one candidate (Republican or Democrat) for the high office of the presidency who even concerns himself with the rule of law, the oath of office pursuant to Article II, Section 1, and such halcyon concepts as liberty, freedom, free market and the Constitution, and that is the apostle Paul.

Seldom have I heard any of the other aspirants even mention those words and phrases.

Change is in the wind, and Ron Paul will become president, return this nation to a republic, and restate the Constitution verbatim – if and only if we can have a fair and honest electoral process.

Fredric Butler

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