Vail Daily letter: Open space ripe for new vote |

Vail Daily letter: Open space ripe for new vote

Janet Jordan
Vail, CO, Colorado

I read Karl Berger’s letter to the editor published Feb. 29. With all due respect to our commissioners, who I believe serve with the best of intent, I agree with several of Mr. Berger’s statements.

I think our elected representatives should be very cautious with regard to adding more public property to the off-limits wilderness list proposed by Mr. Udall.

I also believe no commissioner should ever prevent a citizen-imposed tax such as the open space tax from being resubmitted to the citizens from time to time to make sure the tax is still supported, needed and desired.

Now would be a prime time to revisit this tax. Regardless of whatever my position might be on acquiring more open space, I think the citizens should be required to vote upon this matter from time to time.

The response by the community regarding lack of access to taxpayer-purchased open space has been well documented over the years. I think those individuals with jobs that depend on this tax are afraid to put this matter on the ballot.

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On the other hand, maybe I am wrong. Let the people decide.

I’m confident that if the tax is rescinded, we will have the opportunity to impose it upon ourselves again in the near future. I think that is how it should work.

This tax can and should be voted upon periodically. It should not have eternal life and should not be an eternal burden upon the citizens and future generations. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

Janet Jordan


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