Vail Daily letter: Our fate in the balance |

Vail Daily letter: Our fate in the balance

Peter Bergh
Vail, CO, Colorado

The good news first: Our troops are at long last coming home from Iraq. However, the very bad news is that our soldiers are still engaged in a war in Afghanistan,;we have approximately 690,000 troops stationed in about 150 countries around the world. Throughout all of the 10,000 years of recorded human history, there have been less than 29 years that war did not rage somewhere on the planet.

“Where man goes, war follows.” Need this be so?

Given the scientific fact that our species has evolved from one-celled animals over the course of many millions of years, a constant struggle for survival of the fittest, coupled with random selection, it is therefore not surprising that warfare is imbedded in our very genetic makeup.

What humankind must now recognize and deal with before it is too late is that weapons of war and mass destruction have evolved to the point that their deployment and use, either by nation states or terrorists, has the ability to end civilization as we know it. Every year, the odds increase that a rogue nation such as North Korea or Iran will have the ability to initiate a surprise attack on Western civilization (neutron bombs detonated high above the atmosphere, for example), or one or more of the many thousands of atomic devices currently held in arsenals around the world will fall into the hands of terrorists and will be detonated in a major city. What then?

Added to this threat is the potentially disastrous impact on all species from climate change that is accelerating due to the impact we humans have had on the biosphere.

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The threats are real, and today, the fate of humankind rests in the hands of the heads of state and the leaders of all world religions, who hold our collective future in their hands. It remains to be seen if wisdom and enlightened self-interest will prevail, for if we do not soon find and adopt the ways and means to come together as one species, we will surely all hang together.

Peter Bergh


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