Vail Daily letter: Out of touch |

Vail Daily letter: Out of touch

Mary A. Springer
Vail, CO Colorado

It is little surprise that the Eagle County commissioners are dragging their feet on decisions regarding the Eagle River Meadows development project that would improve what was formerly a gravel pit in Edwards, when you consider how reminiscent it is to the town of Eagle turning away the Eagle River Station project in Eagle, after requiring a vote from Eagle residents. A smear campaign was launched and the entire project was voted down. Millions of dollars were lost that could have been brought to the town of Eagle.

Contrary to this, there is a public facility – the Eagle County Jail expansion and Justice Center remodel – which was unscrupulously pushed through by two present county commissioners and sheriff due to finding a loop hole in funding (COPs), as they found that applying for 20 one-year loans rather than one single 20-year loan would bypass the requirement of a vote from citizens who would be paying for it.

We now learn (after the November election, of course) that the completed Eagle County Jail addition will be closing due to the lack of inmates to fill it. One of these present commissioners tried to justify their position by pointing out that the expansion would have been justified if the growth rate in the county would have continued. I find that ironic because their unanimous decision to approve the $32.8 million jail expansion and justice remodel was made in 2008. This valley had certainly already begun feeling the economic slowdown, and by September the banking industry collapsed.

It is an absolute outrage that we have this level of out-of-touch mentality from public servants, entrusted to make critical decisions during these dire economic times. Maybe if they were held personally accountable for their actions they might have a more clear understanding of the kind of pain average citizens are feeling in this valley!

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