Vail Daily letter: Out-of-towners complain about Eagle River Station |

Vail Daily letter: Out-of-towners complain about Eagle River Station

Paolo Narduzzi
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I got a kick out of Jan Rosenthal’s and Lori Russell’s letters to the editor published Nov. 19.

They complained in unison about the recent Vail Daily poll on Eagle River Station. Jan called the poll a joke. If it was, why did opponents bother to vote 1,368 times by the time the poll closed?

I suspect Jan’s displeasure was not so much with the newspaper for running the poll but with the final result: 1,786 for and 1,368 against.

Funny, she didn’t mention that. Jan further complained that even the referendum vote won’t be fair because “thousands” can’t vote because they live in un-annexed neighborhoods.

Lori Russell had a similar complaint. In other words, they don’t reside in Eagle and thus have no right of vote as Eagle residents do on issues that affect Eagle’s finances.

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But they do have a “right” to complain and raise hell, and that’s what these nonresidents have been doing for far too long.

If they are so concerned about the town of Eagle, they would come to their senses and help the town get the necessary new tax revenue it so badly needs by asking people to vote “yes” on Jan. 5.

Paolo Narduzzi


Editor’s note: Narduzzi said in response to another letter Sunday that he left the employment of Trinity/RED in July 2008.

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