Vail Daily letter: Outraged! |

Vail Daily letter: Outraged!

I am writing to express my absolute outrage at the decision of District Attorney Mark Hurlbert to not pursue felony charges against Martin Erzinger.

Erzinger’s actions nearly took the life of a cyclist, husband and father, and he deliberately fled the scene of a crime, caring more about the condition of his Mercedes than of a human being.

What is more appalling is Hurlbert’s unwillingness to prosecute this crime as a felony. Our tax dollars pay this man to uphold the laws and prosecute those who violate the law.

Erzinger clearly and wantonly broke the law, yet Hurlbert is more concerned about Erzinger’s ability to make substantial amounts of money for years to come, while the victim may lose his career entirely.

It is a sad day for Eagle County residents when our district attorney cares more about the monied elites of this valley than a victim of a terrible crime.

Hurlbert pursued felony charges against two women who traded race entries at the Leadville 100 but not against a man who almost killed someone. Am I missing something here?

Scot Marana


Editor’s note: The women in the bib case pleaded to misdemeanors in arrangements much like this one.

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