Vail Daily letter: Overreaction? |

Vail Daily letter: Overreaction?

Dave Kraft
Vail, CO, Colorado

One would need to be made of stone to not feel deep sorrow for the Connecticut elementary school shooting victims, their families and friends.

There are some curious reactions to it. The mass shooting 3,000 miles away inspired a gun buy-back program by police in San Francisco to get guns off the streets. I find that program silly and pointless, as many people were turning in rifles. I visited San francisco with my girlfriend, Lucy, and we didn’t see anyone carrying rifles on the street.

Maybe the next time someone murders a family with an ax, the San Francisco Police will sponsor an axe buy-back program. The next time someone uses a car to purposely run some over, the San Francisco Police could sponsor a car buy-back program to get those evil weapons off the street, too.

Let’s take the idea and run with it. Obesity is a serious problem in the United States, people die of heart attacks and such. Maybe we could have a fork and spoon buy-back program, as well.

One of the teachers in Connecticut heroically shielded her students and took bullets to save her children.

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Just think if one teacher at the school would have been armed and knew how to fire their weapon. That would have been a far more effective at ending the carnage, don’t you think?

If you think police will save you with gun buy back programs or gun control of any kind, I have some beautiful ocean-front property in Switzerland for sale. It’s a steal.

Someone died the other night in Denver from a stabbing. Maybe we should do background checks on everyone buying steak knives for Christmas presents to make us safe from knifings.

We are supposed to believe the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters to pull off the greatest crime in history. After I heard that, I went to the police station and turned in all my box cutters. I did it because I knew that would make us safer.

You should do the right thing and turn in your box cutters like I did.

Ben Franklin once said basically that anyone that is willing to trade freedom for security deserves neither. Take that one to the bank.

Dave Kraft

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