Vail Daily letter: Parents support teacher |

Vail Daily letter: Parents support teacher

St. Clare of Assisi parents
Vail, CO, Colorado

In light of recent allegations against former St. Clare of Assisi teacher Ms. Rosy Gonzalez, we the undersigned parents of St. Clare of Assisi students wish to show our support for Ms. Rosy Gonzalez and respectfully request that criminal charges against her be dropped.

We would like to thank Ms. Rosy Gonzalez for her service and her care for and instruction of our children.

We further wish to show our support for St. Clare of Assisi School. St. Clare of Assisi is the school that we have chosen for our children.

It is the school for which we work hard and where we are proud to have our children learning, developing and thriving.

Ellen and Michael Imhof, Grant and Kelly Herzog, Joan and Steve Sego, John and Carleen Sweet, Anne Veratti, Tania and Steve Boyd, Yvonne and John Dawsey, Bern and Terri Krueger, Lindy and Eric Phannenstiel, Sarah and Peter Millett, Laura and Steve McKeever, Ann Moberg, Britten Roetzel, Inga and Brandon Causey, Heather and Jim Downey, Jeremy and Delcie Davis, Sheila and Steve Sandoval, Bob and Erin Boselli, Katie and Rob Rothenberg, Rafael Duarte and Evagelina Munoz, Leslie and Jim Pavelich, Sarah and Dave Bishop, Nancy Clarke, Kelli and Jeff Brausch, Betty Ann Woodland, David de la Harpe, Patrick Mulvey, Maricela Luevanos and Salomon Portillo, Scott and Claudia Hilty, Adam and Judy Leseur, Tim and Gwen Nary, Steve and Anna Campbell, Mike and Diana Layman, Andrea Janusz

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