Vail Daily letter: Part of socialist agenda |

Vail Daily letter: Part of socialist agenda

Mike Kieler
Vail, CO, Colorado

Chris Nueswanger’s Jan. 11 column, “New rules may limit home loans,” reconfirms to me that Obama’s march to turn the good old USA into a socialist state is alive and well.

While Matt Lauer, Brian Williams et al make sure we are focused on critical issues such as whether we should ban a rapid-fire rifle that has a 10-bullet clip, or would 11 be more appropriate, to stop mentally deranged loons from killing people, our illustrious leader, who was elected by slightly more than half of us, quietly continues with his premeditated agenda of socializing our country.

Chris informs us that the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (don’t you sleep better at night knowing they’re wasting your money?) issued an additional 800 pages of new rules further restricting folks from achieving their homeownership dream.

We must now have a 43 percent debt to income ratio to qualify for home loans. Forget, as Chris points out, that you may have a ratio above that but you have perfect credit and haven’t missed a payment in 20 years. For goodness sake, let’s not let financial reality get in the way of our march to a nanny state, where you can’t even breathe without government approval, let alone own a gun. After a discussion with my 11-year-old granddaughter, even she understood that there might be a difference in ratios between the Vail Valley; Nowhere, Ark.; and Manhattan. Really? Ya think? But wait, the government knows better and has thus imposed national standards regardless of local conditions. Helping us or oppressing us? You be the judge.

This further infringement on our freedom of choices has nothing to do with obtaining mortgages. Just as it is with Obamacare, this is all about socializing the USA. Tyranny is tyranny, whether imposed with madmen toting guns or burying us in debt and layers of needless regulations. By the way, you do know that the Second Amendment wasn’t enacted so we could hunt squirrels, don’t you’

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Here are a couple more little tidbits you won’t hear about on the evening news: Federal employee benefits on average are 48 percent higher than private-sector employees. Secondly, we pay $160 million per year in the form of a transportation subsidy for federal employees. Civil servants?

The response from liberal supporters of this outrageous nonsense? Federal employees have had their pay frozen for two years. Poor babies! My guess is the millions of people who have taken cuts in pay would give their left something or other for the compensation they had two years ago. Commissioned Realtors, wait staff on tips, small-business owners, sales people and many hourly workers took huge pay cuts over the last two years. Ask any of them if they’d be happy with compensation status quo.

Mike Kieler


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