Vail Daily letter: Paths dangerous for bikes |

Vail Daily letter: Paths dangerous for bikes

Heather Hower
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am writing in response to Ken Wilson’s letter in the July 22 paper (“Bikes belong on paths”). His entire reasoning is so ridiculous it makes my head spin.

Has Ken ever ridden a road bike? While biking on a path, has he ever tried to avoid a mother walking with her toddlers, a dog and pushing a stroller? Has he ever tried tried to negotiate around a jogger ahead and a biker in the oncoming lane while on a bike path? It’s dangerous plain and simple to have a road biker going 15 to 20 mph and competing to share space with walkers.

I understand the outrage drivers feel when stuck behind bikers two or three abreast. It is super frustrating and arrogant of the riders, not to mention dangerous for everyone involved.

However, to relegate bikers only to paths is never going to happen. Bikers may not pay as many taxes, but we also don’t create the wear and tear on roads and the environment that cars and trucks do.

I avoid Highway 6 between Eagle and Wolcott on my bike. I just don’t find it enjoyable, but that does not mean all bikers should be banned.

This entire discussion is so overdone, I guess it’s all time to agree to disagree, and watch out for each other on the roads.

Heather Hower


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