Vail Daily letter: People don’t want this |

Vail Daily letter: People don’t want this

Ronnie Baker
Vail, CO, Colorado

After reading and watching the events in our country, I am pressed to write to you. My hope is this letter is published and the folks in Washington will read it. Our elected representatives should look around the country and see what is occurring.

Congressman Rangel is proposing new taxes while not paying what he owes. His conduct on his taxes and other ethical issues signal he should be thrown out of the Congress

William Jefferson is convicted. This was a long time in coming; he should have been thrown out long ago.

Leading members of Congress are exposed for their earmark programs which benefit donors to their campaigns. We are promised no more earmarks by the president and yet it continues.

Congress votes to spend $500 million for private jets for themselves. The list could go on for pages of the inappropriate actions by some of our representatives who have violated the trust placed in them by the people.

The administration and Congress try to force health-care overhaul down the throats of the country when we need reform, not transformation.

The economy starts to turn around while we have spent only 10 percent of the $800 billion stimulus program. If $80 billion did the trick, why did we need $800billion? And all the while the real issue is we have not created jobs. Unemployment is headed toward record highs; we are asking for more taxes; we are not creating any incentives for small business to grow; the people are scared and of course not spending any money.

The country appears to be in open revolt against the health-care transformation. Our leaders call these folks “planted mobsters.” This is simply not true. The people are mad. The people are frustrated with how our representatives are behaving.

Please look at what is going on. Please represent the people, not the special interests. Please be concerned about the deficits which are being created.

In dealing with health-care reform, please look at the original Medicare cost projections and look at what has really transpired. We need reform in medical malpractice, in making coverage portable, in eliminating pre-existing conditions, increasing competition among companies by allowing competition across state lines and allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription prices.

We were promised change. What we have received is more of the same except at expanded levels of spending, expanded levels of corruption, and expanded levels of self-dealing. Our elected representatives need to act responsively to restore our faith in our government and those who represent us.

Ronnie Baker


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