Vail Daily letter: People have lost their say |

Vail Daily letter: People have lost their say

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VAIL – It never ends. The Massachu-setts state Legislature today voted to allow Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint an interim sen-ator to fill Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat. In 2004, when it was per-ceived that John Kerry might win the presidency and the governor was Republican Mitt Romney, Kennedy prompted the Massa-chusetts Legislature to change the statute that would allow Romney to select Kerry’s replace-ment. ( The U.S. Constitution states that the governor shall fill any vacated seat.) The change eliminated the statute allowing Republican Romney to choose Democrat Kerry’s replacement and called for a 90-day waiting period, fol-lowed by a special election. When Kennedy, before his death, knew that his seat may become available, he prompted the Legis-lature to reverse the previous change, knowing that the Demo-cratic governor would appoint a Democrat.

This is a great example of how we the people have lost our say in our government and why we need term limits in Congress.

– Michael Schneider, Vail

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