Vail Daily letter: Phantom stimulus |

Vail Daily letter: Phantom stimulus

Jeff Miller
Vail, CO, Colorado

Time after time we see either lies or incompetence regarding the jobs impact of the stimulus spending.

It looks like ACORN is alive and well in the Obama administration and is charged with counting the number of jobs created from the stimulus.

Thanks to the public outrage, the administration has acknowledged that the count may be flawed, but that doesn’t stop them from touting the success of the stimulus.

On they report 640,329 jobs created or saved. This is a rather finite number derived from such a farcical accounting.

The administration couldn’t run “cash for clunkers” smoothly, and now, spends millions of our dollars while taking credit for creating jobs in non-existing congressional districts.

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Why in the world should we believe that they can deliver and manage a healthcare system that is one-sixth of our economy and expect that it can meet their cost estimates which require that they reduce $500 million in Medicare fraud and abuse?

Listed below is a table from, which lists congressional districts, jobs created or saved and stimulus money granted. The table is for the state of Colorado but is representative for all states.

It lists 17 congressional districts, but Colorado only has seven districts.

The 10 phantom districts received about $14 million and created 36 jobs!

In the 2nd District, $257 million in stimulus funds created 414 jobs (or so we’re told) at a cost of $620,000 per job.

In the 7th district, the job creating stimulus cost the taxpayer $1.3 million per job.

Yet, the Administration boasts about the success of the stimulus.

I have no doubt that if that money flowed down to small businesses — the real engines of employment growth — via tax cuts and investment credits we would have seen a better result.

Congressional Districts, Jobs, Amount:

1st 5,103.6 $1,187,904,033

7th 293.2 $382,512,268

2nd 414.5 $257,091,422

5th 531.8 $168,770,753

3rd 554 $166,285,374

4th 351.6 $161,460,160

6th 809.5 $157,109,166

00 0 $10,127,728

8th 3 $2,193,620

30th 14 $1,085,762

25th 0 $278,122

59th 0 $182,183

58th 0 $56,304

64th 14 $33,195

43rd 0 $26,490

45th 5 $23,098

12th 0 $10,037

Jeff Miller


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