Vail Daily letter: Pick up after yourselves |

Vail Daily letter: Pick up after yourselves

Nicole Lucido
Vail, CO, Colorado

Having proudly lived in the valley for almost 15 years, I am ready to speak out. Throughout the years, I have felt overwhelming joy knowing how fortunate we are living in this community of conscientious individuals.

I was always proud to take a guest hiking in the valley or showing them the beauty of our community both in the mountains and in our villages.

Over the past couple of years, things have changed. I have tried to convince myself it is a simple slip of another community member, but today I can no longer bluff my way through this.

The amount of trash I see walking and hiking is outrageous, and today I compared it to a city’s street trash. How can anyone drop their trash and expect someone else to come along and pick it up? Who does that for you?

Same goes for your pets’ defecation and not cleaning up after them. If you walked in it on your front steps, wouldn’t you be upset that your neighbor left it? So it’s no different on a trail, street or my flower bed.

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The pet issue has been ongoing for years, and I support that it is each of our responsibility to be upstanding in doing the right thing.

But how has the trash gotten so out of control? Food wrappers, cans, bottles, Kleenex, newspapers – where are our heads believing this is OK?

It is embarrassing and detracts immensely from the beauty and gift we have been given living here.

Of course, there are many here who remain committed to keeping our valley beautiful and spend their free time with a trash bag cleaning up after those who feel entitled. But I simply can’t get my mind around believing that any individual truly assumes it is all right to leave their mess for the next person to pick up. It is a job we have to look after each other and educate our children that this is not all right.

Please, together, let’s try and get back on track and preserve this gift we have been given. Living in our valley is precious and with it comes responsibility.

Nicole Lucido


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