Vail Daily letter: Play the bench more |

Vail Daily letter: Play the bench more

Ernie Sandoval
Vail, CO, Colorado

As a fan of the Eagle Valley volleyball team, I would like to express my comments, since I feel it’s what a lot of our fans are experiencing. I see the girls are off to a great start of the season. They are winning games. But I hear that coach Shawn Weatherred is saying that the team is not responding to his lineup changes. I do not see any changes in the lineup, other than him playing the same players in different positions.

There are great, talented players on the bench that could help out when the regular lineup players are making mistake after mistake. Instead of using the talented bench players to come in and serve, and then get them benched right away, is not a good move for the players. There is no way the coach can know which players make a better lineup using this method of change.

I would like to see the bench players given the opportunity to play as much as all the other girls, since they all do go to practice the same amount of time, putting all of their effort into it, to be benched all the time when they are as good as the starting lineup. Most of these girls went to clubs in the summer to better themselve, not sit on the bench.

Ernie Sandoval

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