Vail Daily letter: Pleased with Vail Resorts’ purchases |

Vail Daily letter: Pleased with Vail Resorts’ purchases

Kenny Viken
Vail, CO, Colorado

I just heard that Vail Resorts has purchased our local ski hill, Afton Alps, and another near Detroit. While this might appear as eating bologna when you can have steak, I can envision a new trail named “Genius.”

The occasional times that Vail had an instructor at Trollhaugen, as well as our local Welch Village ski school, sharing curriculum with Keystone Resort were exciting around here. As a recreational skier in both the Midwest and Colorado, I felt a new kinship with that occurrence. We know that Lindsey Vonn, Cindy Nelson and many others had their Olympic start on Midwest slopes, so it’s long overdue that we all shake hands. I do look forward to professional upgrades here, as well as finding down-home touches when I ski Vail Resorts.

Kenny Viken

Bloomington, Minn.


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