Vail Daily letter: Polis seeks wrong path for Republican |

Vail Daily letter: Polis seeks wrong path for Republican

Buddy Shipley
Vail, CO, Colorado

Polis the pol

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) is one of the few politicians who has actually read much of the health-care bill, but his presentation and his arguments for it are littered with logical fallacies and deception to justify his support of this horrendous plan.

To his credit, at least he showed up at last month’s town hall here in Edwards, but his responses made it clear that his mind is made up and he was not here to listen. He was here to assuage our fears, quell our concerns, and peddle his party’s plan.

Polis made it clear that regardless of his constituents’ wishes to the contrary, he would vote as he pleased, and this donkey is going to vote for every piece of the worst legislation this country has ever seen.

Polis will vote to raise taxes and force us all into government-mandated health insurance, and he will vote to further cripple our economy with the idiocy of “cap and trade” even though proponents admit any positive effects on climate would be negligible at best, and it has failed miserably in countries where it’s been tried such as Spain. Politicians love to repeat the same failed behavior expecting a different result, and Polis is no exception.

As with most town hall meetings, the main topic of discussion is the looming health-care legislation. All proposed bills currently include a so-called “public option,” but let’s call it what it is: the government option.

They keep insisting we can keep our existing plans, for a while at least, or until anything about them changes, at which time you will have no option but to pay for a government sanctioned insurance plan. All your options will eventually become whatever the government decides you may have. It will become the only option, the final option.

When Polis was asked if Congress would criminalize any taxpayer who refuses to submit to a governmen- sanctioned insurance plan and who also refuses to pay the 2.5 percent penalty tax, he evaded the question, saying only that it was criminal to not pay any of your taxes, it doesn’t matter which one …

So the straight answer is “yes,” any taxpaying citizen who refuses to join a government-sanctioned insurance plan or who refuses to pay the 2.5 percent penalty tax for refusing to comply will indeed be treated as a criminal. You may pay for ObamaCare and use it, pay for ObamaCare and not use it, or go to prison. This is the non-option option.

The same goes for any American business that refuses to provide access to, and pay for the majority of, its employees’ government-approved insurance. Businesses will be charged a whopping 8 percent penalty tax if they do not comply, even though it may bankrupt them or force additional layoffs, thereby exacerbating our nation’s unemployment crisis. This is “the offer you can’t refuse” option.

A non-compliance tax 2.5 percent plus 8 percent amounts to government coercion — a sort of Dhimmi tax for any American who refuses to toe the government line.

In the end there will be only the government-sanctioned plan, no private options unless sanctioned by the government, and your government will not permit you to opt-out of the government plan without paying for it anyway. You must comply or become a criminal.

Polis isn’t a socialist. He’s far worse. Polis proudly admitted that (like Obama) he actually supports and favors a single-payer plan, and he will force otherwise free Americans and American businesses to accept this health-care bill, even against their will.

Anyone who does not acknowledge the government’s objective is to eliminate private sector health insurance in its entirety is either naive or they knowingly embrace the government’s deception and covert objectives.

Clearly, Polis brought all the worst philosophies of government with him when he moved from the bankrupt state of California, a state where the people successfully re-called Gov. Gray Davis because of the state’s irresponsible and reckless fiscal policies. Of course, the people of California need to remove their entire state Legislature, as do we, along with most of the U.S. Congress.

We can throw some of the bums out in the 2010 mid-term elections. We must.

Buddy Shipley


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