Vail Daily letter: Politics, perspective |

Vail Daily letter: Politics, perspective

Elmer Lange was the finest teacher I ever had. He taught my Senior English class at Moeller High School in Cincinnati. He focused on plays and movies. He taught the reality of perception — how two people can look at the same set of circumstances and view the outcome from a different perspective. Therefore he taught patience and understanding.

Right? Wrong? Black? White? Sometimes it’s not as easy as that!

With the acceptance of perspective as reality, understanding that someone can look at a situation, a circumstance, an action, and in some cases even an outcome, differently than you, patience and self-reflection should be ones initial reaction.

Politics today, be it our elected representatives or our political parties as a whole, seem to have little regard for this reality. These ridiculous partisan votes, 100 percent from one party (and close to 100 percent from the other) are so discouraging to me. We all learned a long time ago that there is more than one way to skin a cat … and in many cases, more than just two! Compromise is not necessarily a bad word.

It seems that much of today’s populace has either lost or never learned the reality of perspective, and therefore the common respect we show each other. My hope is that reasonableness will return to our political leaders and to society as a whole.

I also understand that there are those who will see my perspective of little relevance!

Tom Backhus


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