Vail Daily letter: Poll conspiracy? |

Vail Daily letter: Poll conspiracy?

Jan Rosenthal Townsend
Vail, CO, Colorado

What’s up with the Vail Daily poll on line regarding Eagle River Station ? What a joke, over 2,100 votes? It’s always one to 20 points ahead for ERS whenever the “no” votes start leading.

There is no way that many people have voted online no matter which way they voted. Seems to us that there is a person or organization that is pro- ERS sitting by their computers, clearing their cookies and voting 50-plus times a day.

If this is going to be a fair election, let’s start with our daily newspaper taking the lead. Monitor the votes or take the poll off the site.

Are the developers that nervous about the outcome that they have to go this far? For those Eagle voters that are reading this, make sure you go vote “no” to ERS Tuesday, Jan. 5. That will be the real poll.

Actually, no it won’t, since thousands that live in town (Eby Creek, Upper Kaibab, Castle Peak Ranch, Highway 6, Diamond Star Ranch and Brush Creek) can’t vote since the town has never annexed those neighborhoods in.

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We are all citizens of this town — live, shop, play and some work and own businesses here. Yet we have absolutely no say in the future of Eagle. A fair and balanced vote? Think again!

Jan Rosenthal Townsend


Editor’s note: The online poll does not purport to be scientific, discriminate among participants or limit “voting.” It is no more and no less than a place to register your opinion. The subject changes weekly. In the case of elections, sometimes the poll reflects what the actual results turn out to be, and often it doesn’t. In any case, there’s nothing “official” about it and no claims are made about what it shows or doesn’t show.

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