Vail Daily letter: Population control |

Vail Daily letter: Population control

Fredric Butler
Eagle, CO Colorado

Let me count the ways that the emperor and czars of Washington have conjured: We now have the TSA full-body scanners, the safety of which is dubious, but the profit return to an ex-FEMA mogul (Chertoff) is a given. With these mandated, untested and prurient devices the traveling youth at all ages are exposed to excesses of radiation, the results of which may ultimately be manifested in a multitude of ways, such as autism, cancer, DNA degeneration, and perhaps a more liberal mindset toward control of others.

The Department of Homeland Security (FEMA), with its lax administration and defense of the southern borders of the homeland, is a telling example of the regard for American citizens that Washington holds – what with the proliferation of drug traffic, illegal immigrants that generally flout all U.S. and State laws, and payouts to such criminals under the guise of welfare perks and benefits, the general population of Americans is being decimated. The reason for the dubious effectiveness of airport scanning devices to monitor departing American citizens in their travels is incongruous and meaningless when compared to the lack of any scanning procedures for arriving illegal aliens accessing the U.S. from and across the southern borders of this mainland. Go figure!

Mandated and forced vaccination as a prerequisite to entering the public school system is another siren call from the U.S. Department of Health. The effectiveness of such vaccinations may be applicable to a few, but one size does not fit all when it comes to an indiscriminate application to all. Ergo, most children love and regularly eat peanuts, yet to some peanuts are fatal if consumed.

When it comes to the health of your children, should not the infusion of foreign substances or articles into their vulnerable bodies be left to the judgment of parents and pediatricians? Does the secretary of health have superior knowledge and insight into your children’s health and well-being than the physician who has actually met and examined them?

The recently legislated health-care bill is not only patently unconstitutional, but egregious in its effect upon the aging population, what with the allocation of medical services, drugs and treatment relegated to some faceless bureaucrat or IRS agent in the stead of the patient’s personal physician or alternative health provider. When available public funds, age of the patient and the competency of the governmental bureaucracy in general are substituted for the historic, private and competitive market for medical facilities, products and services, the quality of treatment and care decreases as does the concomitant population of healthy and/or live patients.

There is one saving grace in the effect that a diminishing population of American citizens has on the intrusive and expansive government, and that is there will be fewer members in the House of Representatives as a result of the constitutionally mandated census of 2020. In as much as the number of U.S. senators is fixed at two per each state, the only remedy for a reduction in their number (that I can imagine) would be to require that they too submit to the perils and provisions of the health-care legislation that they have enacted.

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