Vail Daily letter: Porker nation |

Vail Daily letter: Porker nation

Since World War II, the United States has become a nation of porkers. A quick stroll down Main Street or a visit to any mall in the country will confirm this observation.

As a direct consequence, by the year 2020 an insurer, UnitedHealth Group, estimates that one half of the population will be diabetic or pre-diabetic at a cost to our faltering health care system of over $500 billion each year.

This is a free country (though our freedoms are rapidly diminishing), and individuals continue to have the right to abuse their own bodies in whatever way they wish to. This was fine with me so long as it was not my own tax dollar or insurance premium that subsidized other people’s irresponsible behavior, but no longer.

Human nature being what it is, without severe and certain consequences, human beings have shown that they are unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions and will expect others to pull them out of any hole they have dug for themselves.

One of the many negative aspects of ObamaCare will be to further reduce individual responsibility, and the porkers will just keep on overeating, getting no exercise and will produce still more porcine offspring. Hey, if they develop diabetes, ObamaCare will pay the bills. It is free, isn’t it?

If the majority of our representatives does not have the backbone to stand up and say that it is way past time that individuals must suffer the consequences of their own bad behavior and habits, then we will never be able to bring health care costs down to a sustainable level.

If you are overweight, smoke or are badly out of shape, you simply should not be eligible for insurance coverage. End of story.

Peter Bergh


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