Vail Daily letter: Post mortem |

Vail Daily letter: Post mortem

Dr. Michael Schneider
Vail, CO, Colorado

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Not exactly what Thomas Paine was alluding to in 1776 but certainly appropriate to describe the current political goings-on here in Colorado.

The process has failed!

Whether Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, we should all be appalled at how good-ol’-boy politics manipulated the process here in the 2010 Colorado gubernatorial election. Haley Barber and the Republican Governors Association, along with Dick Wadhams and the Colorado GOP, turned their backs on Dan Maes, the duly elected Republican candidate running for governor of Colorado. The Republican Governors Association was ready to hand over $9 million to Scott McInnis had he won but gave not one cent to Maes.

Why did this happen? Was it because Maes had no strings attached that could be manipulated if he were elected? Could it be that the politicians who now run the show think that we are children and that they know what is best for us? Quite possibly it may just be that Maes is simply one of us, warts and all, and we are a dangerous threat to the status quo political system.

There was little debate about those issues that matter. There was just disdain and vitriol coming at Maes. He had to spend too much time defending and explaining the accusations, none of which was egregious. We wanted to hear about the candidates’ visions for our state. We want to hear how they would address unemployment, immigration, the economy and health care.

Too much time was spent trying to depict Maes as an unelectable candidate both by the lack of support from the hierarchy (Wadhams, et al) of the state GOP and the newly crowned pariah of the conservative movement in Colorado, Thomas Tancredo. Tancredo never gave a valid reason as to why he declared Maes, the winner of the GOP primary, “unelectable.”

If Tancredo did not know that he would destroy any chance of putting a conservative in the statehouse by reversing his position on the destructive effect of a third-party candidate, as he reversed his position on term limits when he was in office and reversed his position (be it only for a short time) on the hiring of illegal immigrants when he remodeled his McMansion, then I do believe him when he said that he still had bouts of mental illness.

Tancredo singlehandedly set the conservative movement back in Colorado. This was done at a time when it was most important to put a Republican in the statehouse due to reapportionment.

Tommy, you have manipulated and dumped on the process that we all believed in and followed from the point we started caucus instruction to many of us becoming delegates to the GOP assembly and on to the victory we all felt after the Republican primary. You were not correct when you told Aaron Harbor that this election would not affect your life one way or another.

You split the vote with a vitriolic campaign of character assassination on a good man, and your political career is surely over. You can now retire to your media room and watch your John Wayne movies.

This is the last time I will address you.

We have some work to do to rebuild the grass-roots conservative movement in the state of Colorado that you so selfishly destroyed.

Dr. Michael Schneider

Eagle County chair: Dan Maes for Governor!

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