Vail Daily letter: Post series very flawed |

Vail Daily letter: Post series very flawed

Bob Louthan
Vail, CO, Colorado

By merely copying, without any editorial comment, excerpts from the recent Denver Post series of articles on ski area liability and skier accidents, you have become complicit in the very biased, incomplete, sensation-seeking and out-of-context journalistic reporting exhibited by those articles.

By focusing solely on selected negative data and legislation the articles omitted any comment about the extent to which ski areas go to protect their skier-boarder guests.

For example, no one pointed out the superb job the skilled and trained ski patrollers do by not only saving lives, but also by making the area safer for skiers by conducting avalanche control, roping off dangerous areas, marking obstacles, rescuing injured guests, etc.

Parenthetically, I wish Vail Resorts would do more to discourage and punish skier-boarder behavior that endangers others, but let’s give credit for what the company does do!

The articles also failed to mention the personal responsibility guests have to not do stupid things, endanger other guests, or to put themselves in danger. If ski areas were truly liable for the stupid inconsiderate acts of their guests, our lift tickets would be prohibitively more expensive.

Why not run a companion piece that investigates and reports on the work that ski areas do to make the guest experience not only more enjoyable, but much safer? That would be responsible balanced journalism.

Bob Louthan


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