Vail Daily letter: Postal proposal |

Vail Daily letter: Postal proposal

Steve Katz
Vail, CO Colorado

The recent profit and loss from the United States Post Office coordinates with my suggestion for a work program in the new administration. While I don’t feel we need to create WPA programs, my idea would create jobs and save government money.

A concept of mail delivery as we know it is archaic. With email, Skype and fax transmission, the concept of a person hand-delivering a note from one party to another has become obsolete. I propose mail stations with P.O. boxes, enough to service every address, to be constructed. Over the long term they would pay for themselves by eliminating the out-dated system of letter-carrying. The returns would be by reduction in delivery personnel along with transport facilities and vehicles. While the housing market slowly turns around, the new mail stations would create a nationwide building project immediately employing laid-off tradesmen and construction workers. Either new construction could be initiated or unused inner-city buildings could have a new life via renovation.

The program would start with a gradual cessation of business delivery, necessitating all businesses to collect mail at the “depots.” Eventually this would be extended toward the elimination of residential delivery and steering everyone to designated post boxes.

Upon completion, the United States would have a network of sending and receiving depots maintaining the capacity to initiate mail. This plan should be considered as an economic catalyst as well as an ecological one. Mail carriers would not immediately lose their jobs, but time-table of the construction of these “mail centers” could be coordinated to their retirement options. The cost of the construction would be more than compensated by the reduction in payroll.

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