Vail Daily letter: Preserve our special lands |

Vail Daily letter: Preserve our special lands

Madeline Slavin
Littleton, CO Colorado

Thanks for your Oct. 27 article, “Ralston heralds wilderness plan to block ‘extractive development.'” The Hidden Gems wilderness proposal is our best hope for preserving our most special lands in Colorado.

With oil and gas development threatening even our most special and remove places, we need to take action. Wilderness protection, once granted, can only be removed by an act of Congress. That means there can be no oil drilling, commercial timber harvesting, road building or other damaging activity on our wilderness lands. These places will be protected for the quiet enjoyment of Coloradans for years to come.

If people believe in protecting our state’s wild places for clean water, outdoor recreation and wildlife, they should contact their county commissioners and congressmen right away. The Hidden Gems need our support to be protected.

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