Vail Daily letter: Press dismisses Ron Paul |

Vail Daily letter: Press dismisses Ron Paul

Fredric ButlerVail, CO, Colorado

ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and others in the mainstream media distribute their selective “information” to the American public about all things governmental, political, business, sports, entertainment and sensational.These are collectivist companies that are not part of the fabric of the free, open and independent market for the dissemination of information to the public. The corporatism of this mainstream media has a socialistic flavor resulting from its most favored status with the various agencies of the federal government, together with a cabal of advertising patrons consisting of investment banks, insurance companies political parties and the like. This is all so unfortunate, since the altruism of true journalism is trumped by social and political agenda or the bottom line of a P&L. The resulting carnage is a dumbed down, misinformed public, and an electorate that opts for an extant slate of presidential candidates consisting only of Obama and Romney (collectivists if ever there were any).ABC (Walt Disney Corp. et al), NBC (GE et al), CBS (Westinghouse, Viacom et al), and Fox News (News Corp., Rupert Murdock et al) all profess to report the news in a fair, impartial and balanced manner. Nothing could be further from the truth, since they all represent an establishment that has disenfranchised the American people from the electoral process of what should be the earmark of a democratic republic. Never has this been more evident as witnessed by the ongoing GOP campaign for a presidential candidate (Romney) to oppose Mr. Obama. Both represent the established corporatism. Both represent personal ambition over the interests and well-being of America. Both are well financed (in the millions) by furtive and corrupt financial interests. Just how does this sub-serve the interests of the average, duped and ignorant voter?There is a collectivist silence between these referenced news organizations of anti-trust proportion regarding the other candidate for the office of the president, Ron Paul.Whether you are a supporter or not of Dr. Paul, the concerted blackout or news boycott of this viable and well-qualified candidate is deplorable and reprehensible. The conduct and treatment of this candidate by mainstream media is characteristic of organized propaganda by the establishment and both political parties at play. The statistics, polls and events being reported by the media has either been totally ignored, skewed or falsified to work the establishment agenda. This is not journalism. This is not within the spirit of a free and honest press. Snd this establishment media violates the intent of the First Amendment every bit as much as the oppressive and abusive administration now occupying the White House. The satire in all this is that by the media’s subtle, unprofessional and disingenuous assault upon Ron Paul they have defined themselves as a political pawn, and not what we once considered the “fourth estate.” With this nefarious gambit, they have also defined Ron Paul as the statesman for which he is — honest, principled, incorruptible, and intrepid in his convictions. Ron Paul is a friend of the American people, an antagonist to the political establishment, and the man who would be president, but for the misinformation and malfeasance of the mainstream media. Fredric Butler