Vail Daily letter: Program made a difference |

Vail Daily letter: Program made a difference

Josie Archuleta
Gypsum, CO Colorado

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Judge Sullivan, Karen of the probation department and Kenny from Alpine counseling. These three individuals have represented what the judicial system was designed to be. With the new “drug court” program, I have seen my daughter become rehabilitated from drugs and alcohol. Though I am not proud of the actions that brought her to this program, I am proud of her accomplishments thus far.

A year ago on March 27, my daughter lost her 4-month-old baby girl and four months prior, lost her marriage. These chain of events in her life led her down a road of hopelessness and sorrow and grief, and she turned to marijuana to help ease the pain she was suffering. The use of this drug eventually caught up with her, and she was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. Now, there was not only the losses she was having to deal with but also the legal ramifications of this offense.

On the day of her sentencing, she was given an option by Judge Sullivan to enter into this intense probation program or do 30 days in jail. Of course, taking the jail time would have been easier, but would not have provided rehabilitation. Judge Sullivan explained that it would take much dedication to complete this progam, but it would be to her benefit.

She decided to enter into the program, and although there have been times she’s wanted to give up, Judge Sullivan, Karen and Kenny continued to support and encourage her.

Today, she is almost eight months sober. She has discovered who she is and has learned how to make wise choices. This program has given her insight to the consequences of foolish and unwise choices and has taught her how to cope with issues as they arise and not bury them deep into the crevices of her heart to later come and haunt her.

This program gave my daughter hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, and Judge Sullivan, Karen and Kenny are to be highly commended for their part in the rehabilitation of not only my daughter but to those who have completed the program successfully. Had it not been for this progarm, my daughter would just be another statistic, doing her jail time and eventually ending up with another DUI conviction.

This program not only helped her with the drug problem but also taught her how to mourn the loss of her baby girl and her marriage. Thank you so much, for implementing this program in our county. Thank you for sharing, for caring, and for extending your hands in the time of need and helping my daughter overcome her hurts, habits and hangups.

You three professionals are truly amazing individuals, and I tip my hat to you.

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