Vail Daily letter: Promising much |

Vail Daily letter: Promising much

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Vail, CO Colorado

ERS has promised Eagle great things!

The promise of a great project with a regional draw from Sum-mit, Routt, Garfield and Pitkin counties, along with Eagle County, due to its completely unique and upscale shops.

Really? Another Target will accomplish that how?

The sketches portraying what ERS will look like?

How often do they proudly display the drawings of the big-box stores? Nothing at all attrac-tive about the Target!

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The promise of a free trolley to carry shoppers between the mall and all of Eagle’s other shopping districts?

Just kidding! Changed their minds.

And the promise of money being required to be spent on the redevelopment of Eagle’s other “blighted” areas?

There is no such requirement! Oh, but wait, due to much negative feedback since more people have been made aware that there was to be no oppor-tunity for local ownership of commercial or office space, ERS is toying with the idea of making some spaces available for purchase.

Wow, how generous! (if it actually happened).

And the job promises if and when the developer begins con-struction (they’re not required to begin for three years and can then request two 18-month extensions beyond that; you do the math): There is absolutely nothing requiring them to hire local contractors; just more of the same double speak.

Of course, a lot of people need work. Many of us are hurting, but can those people really wait three to six years? And longer yet for the service-industry jobs?

Then, of course, there’s this interesting video you should watch for yourself at YouTube: “Did Developer Pay Proper Wages To Workers”?

While waiting for ERS to maybe happen, will any new businesses be clambering to open in Eagle?


The Broadway streetscape is beautiful, and Eagle was begin-ning to look more attractive to prospective business owners as someplace special to be for many reasons, and it is. But it certainly wouldn’t be due to hav-ing yet another ho-hum mall.

We all live here because of the very special place that Eagle is. Don’t let ERS compromise that. We should be demanding that they stick to the promises they started making three years ago: unique, attractive, upscale. Have they decided Eagle isn’t really worth that much effort?

ERS is doing their best to gloss all of this over. Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes by buying into their empty promis-es! Think for yourselves, and learn the truth about ERS. Go to to find out when and where the next meet-ing will be that will give you clear and honest information and where all of your questions will be answered, not just the ones they choose to address.

Then, and only then, will you truly be prepared to make an educated decision when you cast your vote on Jan. 5.

Help keep Eagle special!

Cici Franklin Eagle

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