Vail Daily letter: Pursuit of happiness |

Vail Daily letter: Pursuit of happiness

Theresa Smith
Vail, CO, Colorado

The “Faith misplaced” letter was truly the most sorrowful letter I have ever read in the Vail Daily editorials due to the severe inaccuracies of the statements made against the Catholic Church and belief in God.

The Catholic Church was instituted by Christ, who came into this world to teach and remind us to love each other and to pay homage to our great God who created us.

However, God gave each of us a soul with free will and evil never sleeps. No one is immune to sin or its temptations, and sin has no preferred religion. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

The human soul seeks happiness in the pursuit of infinite goodness, the infinite truth, the infinite beauty which only the supernatural possession of God in glory can truly give. We need more than earthly success or possession to make us happy. Man cannot survive as his own god, such a practiced philosophy will ultimately self destruct the human race.

Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for my life, my family, friends and my surroundings. Great comfort and peace of mind are often the results of my faith and prayers.

The writer of the letter “Misplaced” proposes a challenge: A challenge to death, a life without God and an eternity of darkness.

On the other hand, God, Christianity and yes, the true Catholic Church, challenge us to life and the pursuit of happiness which stems from faith, hope and charity rewarded by an eternity of peace and joy.

Theresa Smith


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