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Vail Daily letter: Push for term limits

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OK, we have been hearing it all for months. Most concerned cit-izens are aware of the issues that confront us and are supposed to be dealt with by our Congress to best serve our interests. There are the Troubled Assets Relief Pro-gram ( TARP) (failure), cap and trade (more taxes) and health-care reform (fiasco) just to men-tion a few. These are all monu-mentally important issues that face all Americans. The resolu-tions to these issues are to be evaluated and resolved by our Congress, those who have been elected by us, “we the people,” to represent us, “we the people.”

Doesn’t it make sense that a representative of the people should be of the people and be in touch with the grassroots popu-lation?

Look at the condescension and arrogance of some in Congress such as N.Y. Rep. Eric J.J. Massa, who stated this past August that he would vote against his con-stituency regarding healthcare reform if he, not his constituents, thought it was better for his dis-trict. Massa is for single-payer healthcare. His town hall con-stituents were not. Massa was elected by two percentage points. Then there is Charles Schumer (29 years in Congress), Nancy Pelosi (22 years in Congress), Harry Reid (23 years in Congress) and the list goes on. They push their agendas through based on their power in Congress, labeling dissenters as un-American and disgruntled right-wing radical extremists.

Right now, there are 10 mem-bers of Congress who have served uninterrupted terms from Charles Rangel (38 years) to Robert Byrd (57 years this November). There have been 68 senators and representatives who have served between 38 and 56 years in Congress.

Does anyone honestly believe that these individuals represent the people and understand where we stand on the issues from the grassroots perspective? Besides being fraught with tax evaders and congressional privi-lege abusers, many of these peo-ple live below the moral stan-dards that they propose for their constituents.

There are many who have come to Congress with few assets and are now worth millions after being in our employ as con-gresspersons for decades. How does that happen? Charles Rangel is just one example. His net worth is over $2.9 million. He underestimated his net worth by half in 2007. In addition, Rangel has failed to pay taxes on income derived from holdings outside of the United States.

Rangel is the chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means. This is the committee that has jurisdiction over all taxa-tion including Social Security, unemployment and Medicare. One would think that he should know the laws and tax responsi-bilities and that he should be beyond reproach. Rep. Rangel has violated the tax and cam-paign laws so many times that it is not practical to write them all here. Go to arles_B._Rangel for the complete story.

How about Barney Frank? He has been in Congress since 1987. He was a recipient of more that $40,000 in campaign donations from Fannie Mae. Frank became the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee in 2007 and told us in 2008 that Fan-nie Mae and Freddie Mac were in great shape and great invest-ments for America. He told us that just days before their failures, which most believe led to the current recession in our country. We are being governed by many self-serving elitists in Con-gress who care for nothing other than maintaining their privileged positions in Congress. Sorrowful-ly, gerrymandering will probably promulgate their re-elections ad infinitum.

Read the Constitution, Decla-ration of Independence and Bill of Rights. These documents are the reason that the United States of America has been the greatest democracy in the history of the world. Read them twice. Bear in mind that there are only 27 amendments to the Constitution and the first 10 are the Bill of Rights If you believe that these are liv-ing documents that should con-stantly be changed to meet the desires and goals of self-serving politicians, even though they are moving away from the intent of our founders, then throw this article away and join the Marxist Revolution. If, however, you believe that we need to return to the basic principles of our founders, then write Congress.

Remind your representatives and senators that they work for you. Keep telling them of your concerns. Remind them that November 2010 is only 13 months away and you will vote for those candidates of any party who will represent the people and who are for term limits.

– Dr. Michael J. Schneider, Vail

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