Vail Daily letter: Put armed guards at schools |

Vail Daily letter: Put armed guards at schools

Linda R. Lebid-Bumpas
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’ve read on the news talk about teachers needing to be armed. Teachers should not be expected to carry a weapon. That is ludicrous, and not their job, nor should it ever be!

Schools should not wait for gun laws to be changed or passed. And even if gun laws are different across state lines, and people cross state lines all the time for them, then that doesn’t protect our kids at all.

Security buzzers in schools are not an effective safety precaution, either.

I think the only solution families have across America is to have an armed security guard in every school. This should be mandatory.

Please help us find a way to make armed security guards in every school across America mandatory. If we have guards in malls, why haven’t we put them in schools! Please don’t say dollars or budgets. Safety first!

Linda R. Lebid-Bumpas

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