Vail Daily letter: Quick, sure fire response |

Vail Daily letter: Quick, sure fire response

Mark Chapin, Susie Kincade, Haley Didier and Deron Dirksen

We are writing to commend and thank all the agencies and firefighters that came together to fight the Eby Creek fire on the evening of June 28. Our house was less than a mile from the blaze, and in these extreme conditions there was certainly the potential for a tragic outcome.

Within minutes of the lightning strike, the first teams arrived to fight the fire. Support kept coming from all parts of the valley and the state, from municipal fire units, to Forest Service specialists, law enforcement and the Army Air National Guard.

It made us feel proud and privileged to live in a community where the emergency personnel are so capable and professional.

While the firefighters fought the flames, we had the interesting experience of packing up our most valuable possessions, mostly the “P” things: people, pets, pictures and personal items. It was a great lesson in discerning what really matters!

Thank you, firefighters – every one of you – for doing a spectacular job of taking care of the citizens and lands in the valley. And thanks to our many friends who called to offer assistance; to City Market for providing food for the firefighters; and to the many unseen support people who made the whole operation run smoothly and successfully. We appreciate you!

Mark Chapin, Susie Kincade, Haley Didier and Deron Dirksen

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