Vail Daily letter: Quick work saving friend at Beaver Creek |

Vail Daily letter: Quick work saving friend at Beaver Creek

Mike Orci
Vail, CO, Colorado

Thank you to Beaver Creek Ski Patrol and Guest Services Department for the handling of our friend Norm’s skiing accident on Centennial on Monday Jan. 11. Norm was eventually air-lifted to Denver for head injuries and a fractured orbit (bones around the eye) and will soon return to a rehab facility in his home state of Maryland.

The effort mounted by the ski patrol and the unknown cardiologist to get Norm stabilized and off the mountain was professional and swift.

Norm, Arnie and I were on Centennial when I skied up to a garage sale and positioned myself to help the downed skier recover some uphill equipment.

The unconscious skier was Norm. He was far enough ahead of me that I didn’t see the accident or the cause.

Tyler, the medic ski patrol, got there within a few minutes where myself and the unknown cardiologist were tending to my friend. Swift decisions were given by Tyler to those of us on the scene to facilitate a safe, rapid removal from the mountain and get Norm to medical care ASAP. The speed of removal to medical care surely played an important favorable role in Norm’s situation.

Special thanks to Tyler for initial assessment and directing the “off mountain” effort; Addy for getting Norm’s wife, Sandy, assistance down from Spruce Saddle and for getting good information to the other six people in the party; and finally to Greg at guest services for running to Vail Med Center to retrieve Norm’s ski equipment, which helped reduce stress. A well-oiled machine receives an A from my perspective.

Mike Orci

Las Vegas

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