Vail Daily letter: Quit trying to influence ERS vote |

Vail Daily letter: Quit trying to influence ERS vote

Paul Kulas
Vail, CO, Colorado

Don Rogers is once again using his paper as leverage to support what he believes in. In this last piece he makes those against Eagle River Station to range from anywhere to tree huggers, to NIMBYs.

He’s wrong. Not only that, I feel he misses the facts.

No one is saying we’re against development. I know I’m not. I’m just against this plan. We’re also not saying “there is no market for this.” What we are saying is that there’s plenty of economic data, facts, that don’t support the ERS plan.

I also think it’s an insult to readers like me to label our thoughts as being no deeper than “popcorn and pop.” Don. Keep it civil, please.

It’s also completely wrong to insinuate that “no better ideas surfaced in the past two years.” It’s not our land, Don. I’d be happy to consult with RED, but they haven’t asked me. You have my phone number, give it to them. Just tell them I charge for my time.

It’s also wrong, and threatening, to say that “Eagle is not going make up the revenue in other ways.” Henry Ford once said, “If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted they’d have told me a faster horse.” There’s a lot of smart people up here, Don. I think it’s an insult to me and them to say there’s no solutions here.

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Don, City Market is not leaving — there are options here. Please quit using your paper to influence voters. Instead, step aside and let the democratic process work — please.

Thanks in advance for doing so.

BTW, Don. Is it fair to say that the Vail Daily stands to make money off of advertising from ERS tenants? If so, is it also fair to say that you have a financial stake in this and therefore should recuse yourself from the discussion?

Just asking …

Paul Kulas