Vail Daily letter: Race to the bottom |

Vail Daily letter: Race to the bottom

Tim Moffet
Vail, CO, Colorado

Chas Bernhardt and Fred Butler should point their fingers right back at themselves and everyone else out on the right fringe. While they’re at it, they might take their every accusation, every paranoid, conspiratorial term and characterization, all their double standards, hypocrisy and Chicken Little fears and ask themselves if their side of the aisle isn’t up to the same games and tactics they so inelegantly rail against in their recent letters.

Obviously, the only difference is that it’s OK with them when the rotten political behavior aligns with their views. Then it’s OK. They also think that if they use the worn-out approach of making shrill statements (Destruction of the Republic! One world government!) with enough bombast and indignation, people will believe it’s true.

Some people just can’t accept that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s one of the many childish, partisan games that both sides play. Believe me, the Dems are going to get trounced in November, and it’ll start all over again while the right gets busy trying to undo what the other side just did. Then we’ll get all the histrionics from the left.

Meanwhile, the collapse of the planet into a one-government, socialist society will once again be averted by something called checks and balances. I don’t know how old either of these guys is, but I’m guessing they’ve lived long enough to know how this works – or maybe not.

Washington is a disaster, and people standing on the sidelines claiming the moral high ground, shouting in outrage at what the other side is up to, are kidding themselves if they think anyone is taking them seriously. Especially when they don’t deal in facts. Hysterics like this undermine all the credibility they so badly desire.

Some people would have you believe that there is something new under the sun and that the lies and shamelessness of one side of the political aisle don’t exist on their own side. It’s a race to the bottom. Amazing.

Tim Moffet


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