Vail Daily letter: Rare questions |

Vail Daily letter: Rare questions

Hugh MacMenamin
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding “Patient compares costs” (Vail Daily, April 10, letter to the editor): As a physician, I couldn’t agree more with Patti Sills writing about costs of services in the delivery of health care. It is rare when someone asks questions of this nature. And that is the problem.

How do we incentivize the average patient to ask questions and find out how much various health-care services cost? The average person knows the difference in price of commodoties purchased in stores like Walmart, Target and other retail stores. Why? Because they have to put their hand in their pocket to pay.

So to incentivize people to question health-care costs, we need to do the same. One way is by having percentage copays instead of fixed copays. If the average patient has to pay 10 percent of $100 or $250 or $500 for a test, they will be incentivized to at least look at the websites that Patti Sills enumerated in her letter.

This would help to create a competetive environment so lacking in our health-care system and ultimately lower healthcare costs in our country.

Hugh MacMenamin

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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