Vail Daily letter: Rationality rules |

Vail Daily letter: Rationality rules

I am very happy to live in a place in which rationality and compassion thrive. Colorado legislated the first extensive capitalistic medical marijuana laws this past summer.

Local communities were given avenues to control their own destinies in relation to their medical marijuana futures and the extent to which Amendment 20 is involved in their neighbors’ and their own lives.

To be a part of the first vote in Eagle County relating to our local authority is something revolutionary to all of us as voters. I am honored as a local business person involved with medical mariijuana that our community has voted to give the medical marijuana centers in Eagle County a continued chance to prove their existence is one that is productive, positive, responsible and ligitimate. It takes strength to lead and it takes courage to open your mind to new avenues.

The state guidelines for this industry are extremely detailed. The licensing process for medical marijuana centers is designed to include those who have a history of paying taxes and avoiding a life of crime.

No one is perfect, and marijuana is still technically illegal under federal jurisdiction. Therefore, I am not claiming to be perfect.

But the lives you all as voters touch when you give the industry a chance in Eagle County is quite extensive. We are now able to continue to pay our employees, landlords, spend money at local and national stores to cultivate medicine, support our patients who do not desire to drive to neighboring counties to obtain their medicine in the middle of snowstorms, pay our mortgages on our homes in Eagle County, pay our property and sales taxes, provide a safe environment for those wanting to learn about non-addictive medicine, support local resturants, purchase ski passes for our employees and many more things that are all attached to the allowance of us to continue to fight to stay viable as a business community.

Medical marijuana is not a get-rich scheme. I am not looking for any sympathy cards for the long hours and tough economic battles that we face to stay viable. But I do appreciate the fact that the voters of Eagle County have stated that I and others have the opportunity to prove that medical marijuana centers can be a productive part of modern society.

I am thrilled to live in an area in which the overall feeling is one of intelligence, rationality and responsibility. Thanks to Eagle County voters for your consideration, support and the positive vote on Proposition 1B.

Greg Honan


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