Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Dantas |

Vail Daily letter: Re-elect Dantas

Kathy Kunis
Wildridge, CO Colorado

I have been a resident of Wildridge for 21 years. During that time I have attended many Town Council meetings. Therefore, I would like to express my support for Dave Dantas and urge all of the residents of Avon to vote for his second term.

Dave is a businessman, and he brings that perspective to the Avon Town Council. He is for fiscal responsibility and looks at all of the proposed projects with a “cost saving” perspective. For example, he is for a financially responsible Main Street project that would use inexpensive materials and utilize a heat recovery system rather than inefficient outdoor heat.

He also has many cost-saving ideas for the pavilion/stage in the park, such as selling naming rights. Dave was also instrumental in helping to pass an exemption of up to $3,200 for anyone who purchases a new residence within the town of Avon. He has also made progress in the building of climbing and bike trails within the town and especially Wildridge.

Dave Dantas has shown himself to be a productive and professional member of the Avon Town Council. He should be elected to a second term.

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